Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sentimental Decor!! you have some sentimental objects that are important to you, but you just don't know what to do with them? I have lots of things I like to keep! (I guess that is why I am the clutter queen! ha ha!!) I  recently came across some items that belonged to my great grandmother and wanted to do something unique with them.  After much thought I decided to put them in display box. I knew this way they would be safe from my boys and I could actually use them as decor. 
The purse on the left actually belonged to my mama! She used it all the time when I was little!!
I even kept my great granny's suitcase and placed it on the ground beneath the objects! It still has her writing on the tag!!
Do you have a project like this? Send us some pictures at!!

SUPER Excited!! a few days ago I shared with you guys that I was going to start tackling my closet!! I am still working on it! Don't worry...even though it will totally embarrass me I will share the before pictures with you guys!!

Let me go ahead and share this with you!

I LOVE ROSS!!! The store that is....They have the best stuff!! The one where I live gets new stuff everyday!! It is amazing!! I purchase the cutest laundry hamper today for $7.99!! To me....that really is unbelievable price!! It had a little "nick" in the paint and they even give me 10% off with no hesitation!! So always ask....

I also got my sons some John Deere socks (saving for Christmas stockings)!! They were only a dollar!! John Deere stuff can be so expensive so I was super excited about this deal!!

My friend, Jennifer, tried to tell me how amazing this store was...I should always listen to her!! She is the best shopper!!!

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