Friday, April 23, 2010

Want to see some amazing cakes?

Hey guys,
 You need to check out Candoo Cakes on Facebook! If you live in south ga you might be interested in getting her to do some cakes for you!! She is truly talented!! Go here to check it out!!

HOME DEPOT: B1G1 Seed Packets

 This week at Home Depot you can get B1G1 FREE Seed Packets.

Thanks for the heads up Carrie!!

Organizing Tip #9 - Delete, Delete, Delete....

Today's organizing tip isn't so much for your house as your inbox!! Take a few minutes today and clean out your inbox. For some of us this would take more than a few minutes, but don't worry.... even if you are like me and have tons of e-mails just start by taking 5 minutes today and delete e-mails you don't need or want....
Today I received an important e-mail and usually I find that I don't even see these type of e-mails until it is too late for the offer or issue the e-mail is about....Trust me..when we declutter we can be more productive!!

Flirty Aprons on Sale!!

Isn't this just the cutest apron? I just love flirty aprons!! Go here to check out their site!! Plus when you  buy now you can get 40%!! YAY!! When you order use promo code: Code FA-4110B!!

Thanks for the heads up on the code Carrie!!

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