Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All I Can Say....

All I Can Say.... Is go here!! It is good!!

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If you wrote a book what would be the title?

Have you ever thought about if you were an author what you you titled your book? My family is always saying that my Aunt Kay should write a book. She is so funny and she says if she ever writes a book it will be called The Adventures of Wilbur and Wanda! I would definitely need two copies of that book.  If my mom was writing it a book it should be called Southern Hospitality with Style.  She is such an excellent decorator and hostess! If I were writing a book right now it would be called SURVIVING! Maybe just surviving or surviving parenthood or I hope my two little ones dont give me a heartattack or I long for a peaceful moment.  Any of you with small children or who have had small children probably know exactly what I am talking about. 

I could never be the author of a book...I can't stay on one subject long enough. If I was writing a story about my hometown it would end up being a travel novel.  Anyway, I guess that is what a blog is for, right?

It has been a long morning!! My little ones have been up to no good. Now don't misunderstand me I love my boys and think they are the best things in this ole world, but man they are work!! I believe their little minds never stopping working. They must dream about getting into trouble and ways to drive mama crazy!! They would send the super nanny to the greenleaf mental institution and still not need a nap. 

For example, while I am writing this very blog I keep seeing their bedroom door open and close. Remind you they are supposed to be napping. When I see the door opening and closing I know the little one is up to something and he is looking to see if I am coming to get onto him.  So I get up and walk in and there only to realize that he has broke his flashlight that has Granny just got him for Christmas.  Then I realize NO he his broken both his and his brothers new flashlights.  I am telling you he can tear about anything. I guess he calls himself taking the batteries out. I guess he was going to switch them.  I am telling you you have to watch him with everything. Last night he was eatting the hungry hungry hippos marables.  I dont think he swallowed any, but his poop (as he calls it) has looked funny today! I guess I will know it in time.

Earlier today I was on the phone with my dad and my oldest son won't stop whinning. Seriously, just whinning about nothing really. He has already received one spanking today due to his bad attitude. So I decided I would lay down with them and help them get a nap. First you have to clean off the bed and then they want you to read a book. They could star in the if you give a mouse a cookie book series.  So while I am reading I keep hearing chugchugchug toot toot, chugchugchug toot toot and everyonce in a while My name is percy! They keep turning on their trains and letting them run under their beds! Then I have to get a bed and pray that little train comes out!! Speaking of Thomas who invented their tracks 3 year olds should be able to put together an aerospace engineer! But that is a comment for another time!! Anyway after I finally got percy quiet and all the lights off I lay down thinking I am in for a peaceful moment.  That is when the two  year jumps up and sticks his hand in my face and says poop poop. Sure enough he had poop all over his hand and was fixin to put it in my face. I start screaming stop stop.  That definitely didnt help the situation. After I finally got him clean he wanted to rub my face. Even though I had cleaned him I was still hoping it was his poopy hand.  Then they both wanted to kiss me.  Getting kissed by the two year old is like getting kissed by a cotton mouthed mocassin.   He will be kissing you so sweet and then all of a sudden .... a hunk of your face is missing or bleeding!
So, I am thinking No Nap today!!!

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