Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pray for Brody Johnson!!

I want to take a moment to ask each of you to pray for Brody Johnson! Brody experienced a near drowning. His little body is going through a lot right now. Please pray for Brody and his family!! Currently, Brody is in China getting medical attention. He is from north GA! Please check out Brody's site. Just click here!!

Where Have I Been?

Okay...so if you are a regular follower you probably are wondering where have I been? Well, as most of you know, due to the fact that you are constantly late to work or the fact that it takes 15 minutes now to get through town it is planting season here in south GA! It is definitely in full bloom!! I can't believe all the tractors I have gotten behind this week!! I just laughed to myself because it seemed I was trying to run them over just to get to my tractor! Isn't that what you call ironic?

Anyway...I don't know who has lost more of his/her mind...my husband or me... He has decided to let me plant cotton for him this season! I tell you if it hasn't been one thing it has been another! Flat tires, missing parts, messed up hoppers...but somehow it gets done right...Praise the Good Lord!!

I am loving seeing the cotton start to "pop" up!!

Organizing Tip # 23 - Go through old photos

Take the time this summer to go through old photos! You will love the memories...plus it is a good time to take out the doubles (if you had these made) and give them to friends and family members!! I recently was looking through some pictures only to realize that I hadn't even given away some photos I purchased for others... Crazy me!!

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