Monday, March 22, 2010

Free CVS shampoo and conditioner

The CVS Coupon Center/Price Scanner is dispensing $1/1 CVS Brand Shampoo or Conditioner coupons! I received this coupon when I went there tonight!! You can use this coupon to get a  FREE full size bottle of CVS shampoo or conditioner!

We will be walking over to CVS this week to score some of these!! (Isn't it great when you have a CVS within walking distance!! ) YAY!!

Thanks for the photo This Frugal Life!!

Please share your thoughts!!!

I would love to hear what most people think is a reasonable amount of money (I just do this by percentage - 50%. 25%, 80%) they would like to cut off their non-fixed bill cost!!
If I could cut 75% off everything non fixed I would be delighted!! So...what is your "delighted" percentage?

Thank You JESUS for ALL the Blessings You Have Given Me!!!

Not often at our house do we sit down and watch a movie at our home, even though it is one of my favorite things to do! However, tonight my husband, children and I watched a movie that we borrowed from our pastor. I am sure that most of you saw the Fireproof movie and Facing the Giants; however, I had never even heard of Flywheel, which is the first movie the church in Albany, GA produced!

This movie was about a man who hadn’t always lived in God’s plan. This man began to see his wrong ways and realized that he needed to do as the Lord called him to do! This movie really impacted me because I realized that I don’t always live as God desires me to live. Even though I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior there have been many times where I allowed my temperature and anger to get the best of me. There have been occasions where I have said things or done things that God disapproved of and I know it was wrong. If I ever wronged any of you I am sorry and hope you will find it in our heart to forgive me.

I pray that in the future God will help me to live in his purpose and plan, that my heart will be open, and my mouth will be shut (hahaha). I think God for all he has done for me! His gifts are far more than I deserve and his blessing overflow on me! May we always put the Lord first and honor him!!

(even if the cashier won't take my coupons and I know it is correct by their coupon policy) hahaha :)

This Week's Give Away!!

Go here to enter this week's giveaway!!

Plus don't forget for every facebook fan we get today we are giving away $1 worth of products to local foodbanks!! So please continue to pass the word!!


...right now, at they have this fun 16 Piece Spring Big Deal Set marked down to $9.99...

This is awesome!! Go to to get started

Thanks for the heads up She Saved!!

My Aunt is the best Avon representative in the world!! So if you order, pretty please give her credit. When you checkout please use her phone number 229-468-5785 or you can use her website!!

Free GeoTrax Movie!!

Would your kids like a free GeoTrax movie!! Just go  here and fill out form! This is totally free, no shipping Or hidden costs!
Thanks for the heads up Gone Coupon Crazy!

Have you Winked yet?

Shutterfly has a new program called Wink and they are offering everyone who tries it a FREE photostrip with free shipping.  Go here to get started!!

Thanks for the heads up Gone Coupon Crazy!

Check out these Disney Deals!! has their spring cleaning sale going on now!! Check out these products (esp. if you are a disney fan.) Go here to see them!
Thanks for the heads up Southern Savers!

Is your house Hot Wheels MAD? Mine is!!!

My little ones love their hot wheels so you bet I was excited when I saw these two deals!!
#1 - Go to the Fan of Hot Wheels on FaceBook & become a fan - We have heard they have a surprise coming up for their fans! We will see!
#2 - Walgreens has BOGO Free In-As Coupon in this Weeks Paper for Hot Wheels! With the coupon it makes it about $.65 each. The Limit is 10.
Thanks for the heads up Jessica's Coupons !
My little boys wil be so excited to see these in their easter basket!!

Campbell's Soups Coupons!!

Go on over here to check out a $1/2 Campbell’s Condensed “Great for Cooking” soups. Isn't this great! There soups seem to make the best casseroles!!
Thanks for the heads up Jessica's coupons!!

Looking for Some Awesome Avon Deals? Here you go!!

Avon is having some great sales! Not to mention that their products are wonderful!! I just love them!!
Order now and use the code SPRING2010 and score FREE shipping on order of $5 or more!

Just some of the great stuff...

* NATURALS Antibacterial Hand Gel
   Was $4, now ONLY $0.99!  - click here

*  NATURALS Apple & Honeysuckle Rejuvenating Body Polish
    Was $6, now ONLY $1.49! - click here

* SKIN SO SOFT Winter Soft with Hydroseal Hand Cream
   Was $4, now ONLY $0.99! - click here

* SURREAL Shimmering Body Powder
   Was $5.50, now ONLY $1.49! - click here

* Cute “Have Hope” Necklace
Was $14.99, now ONLY $5.50! - click here

Do you want 9% Cash Back on those deals make sure to use!! Thanks for the heads up!

My Aunt is the best Avon representative in the world!! So if you order, pretty please give her credit. When you checkout please use her phone number 229-468-5785 or you can use her website!!

St Ives. Coupon

Become a fan of St Ives on Facebook and you will be able to get a $1 off coupon. Go to facebook to get started!! THANKS!! 
Thanks for the heads up Cheap & Creative !! 

Want a Simple Green Cleaning Coupon?

Go here to get a $1 off coupon for simple green!
Thanks for the heads up Cheap and Creative!

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes!!

New Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes:




Go to to enter codes!!
Thanks for the heads up My Frugal Adventures !!

Any Starbucks Lovers?

Tomorrow, March 23rd, get a free Pastry at Starbucks between opening and 10:30am when you buy a beverage. Make sure to print this coupon !!
Thanks for the heads up Cheap and Creative !!

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