Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank You JESUS for ALL the Blessings You Have Given Me!!!

Not often at our house do we sit down and watch a movie at our home, even though it is one of my favorite things to do! However, tonight my husband, children and I watched a movie that we borrowed from our pastor. I am sure that most of you saw the Fireproof movie and Facing the Giants; however, I had never even heard of Flywheel, which is the first movie the church in Albany, GA produced!

This movie was about a man who hadn’t always lived in God’s plan. This man began to see his wrong ways and realized that he needed to do as the Lord called him to do! This movie really impacted me because I realized that I don’t always live as God desires me to live. Even though I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior there have been many times where I allowed my temperature and anger to get the best of me. There have been occasions where I have said things or done things that God disapproved of and I know it was wrong. If I ever wronged any of you I am sorry and hope you will find it in our heart to forgive me.

I pray that in the future God will help me to live in his purpose and plan, that my heart will be open, and my mouth will be shut (hahaha). I think God for all he has done for me! His gifts are far more than I deserve and his blessing overflow on me! May we always put the Lord first and honor him!!

(even if the cashier won't take my coupons and I know it is correct by their coupon policy) hahaha :)

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  1. I appreciate you sharing this with us. I am going to try to watch that movie with my family.
    I have been a Christian since I was a child. This past year I joined a weekly bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). It has made a huge difference in my walk with the Lord. It is an international bible study and I encourage everyone to check it out.


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