Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harvey's / Food Lion Coupons


$1 off $5 Produce Purchase
$1 off (2) Ragu Jars
$1 off Harveys Brand Frozen Biscuits
$1/2 Harveys Brand Eggs 12-18 ct
Print form Harveys or Print PDF (exp 3/16)

Food Lion Coupons
$1 off Stouffer’s Lasagna
$1 off (2) cartons Food Lion Eggs
$1 off Nabisco Oreo Double Stuff Cookies
$1 off $5 off Bakery Purchase
$1 off (2) Home 360 Sandwich Bags
Print from Food Lion or Print PDF (exp 3/16)

These are some great coupons for you Harvey's/Food Lion shoppers. Did you know they were interchangable. That is right you can use Harvey's coupons at Food Lion and vice versa. If the cashier questions this just ask if he/she would mind asking the manager. I know they do this in Nashville, Ga. Food Lion and Harvey's are owned by the same company.
P.S. You can use these coupons at Publix.

Rite Aid Coupons

Okay, so Rite Aid has been a top of my list for the last few weeks.

Check out this coupon, $3 off $15 coupon that is good through 3/31! Also, if you like Rite Aid visit their site ( and watch the ad perk videos. Then you get 20 credits you receive a coupon for $5 off $20. (That is 25% before you even start adding coupons.) Plus you can get other coupons while watching videos. (Remember these coupons are for Rite Aid, but can also be used at Publix because they accept manufacturer's coupons. Yeah!! You can also use the $3 off $15 at Publix. Talk about cutting back on the grocery bill.)

Pair these coupons with other coupons and you could score awesome deals!!

I hate having to drive anywhere for deals... so here is a deal that comes to you!

I am super excited about! This is a great website where you can actually apply to host one of their parties. Now I personally have not hosted a party yet, but I was a winner of the Digiorno's Party!! I can't wait to host the party in two weeks.

If your application is selected they send you a party pack (for FREE!) with all kinds of great items. Each party varies on what they send out!! The Digiorno's Party Pack was great so I can't wait to receive it!!!

Let us know if you apply or are selected as a house party host!!
First Post!! Yeah!!!

Hey guys,
This is my first post! Yeah!! I have started this blog as a way to show others some money saving tips. I am by no means an expert, but I tend to run into some good deals every now and then. So.... I just want to share!! If you find good deals please comment and let us know! Together we can all save money!!

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