Wednesday, December 15, 2010

KidorableHow CUTE!!! My boys need these cow gloves!! Aren't they too cute!!! Just go here to check it out! You will have to enter your e-mail address but it is totally free to join!! These gloves are only $5 which is really really good for these!!!

Join Swagbucks Today!!

yay!!! Haven't joined swagbucks yet? Good news! Swag Bucks is offering an additional 30 free Swag Bucks when you enter the code JoinIn2010 when you sign up. Make sure to joing tonight because tomorrow is mega swagbucks Friday!! Just click here and get started!!

Make sure to register for this club!!

Enfamil Family Beginnings
Make sure to register for this club!! Just go here.

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Nestle Good Start Formula

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Parent's Choice Sample

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Is there a baby or going to be a baby in your house?

Similac StrongMoms
I am mainly posting this for my friends Tiffany and Sharon.  No I am not pregnant...but my cousin is!! That is why I am posting lots of baby stuff in the next little bit!! I just wanted to stop the rumors before they started...haha (Tiffany)

If you are expecting or have a baby that takes formula make sure to sign up for the Similiac mom's club.  Even if you plan to breast feed you can still sign nevers hurts to have a little formula around the house and they will probably send you other coupons. Go here to sign up!!

Want to win an ipod shuffle?

Hey guys! Want a chance to win an ipod shuffle? I would love to have one. Wouldn't you?  Right now No More Rack is giving them away if you get 35 people to join their group under your name. It doesn't cost the people anything to join.  So what do you have to use.... Would you please join under my name and then start trying to get the 35 to join under you.  It costs nothing and takes 25 secs.  I would really appreciate it!! Just go here to get started!! Good Luck!! Let me know if you get one!!
Hey Ladies,

I just finished getting in my order for #26. Anything you order as of now can't be guaranteed for Christmas, but there are still some AWESOME end of the year deals to be purchased. They keep adding items to the sales pages so if it is okay with you I will keep sending them out. It is a great time of the year to stock up on birthday gifts! I like to make a list and buy gifts as they are available at a GREAT price. Just let me know if you want anything

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Three-Piece Bold Faceted Medallion Gift Set - Fucshia & Turqoise

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Vintage Disney Princess Watch

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Double Pouf Shower Brush

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wow!! I just got $100 worth of canned cokes for free!!!

Today's coke rewards deal of the day is a coupon for a free 12 pack of cokes for only 30 points!! This is really an awesome deal!! I turned in alot of my points (which I just got off of cokes or packs of cans of cokes) and got 20  FREE 12 packs!! I am super excited! These will last us quite a while!! Make sure you are using all the loyalty programs like coke rewards available to you.  You never know when it will pay off!! To join the coke rewards program just go here or if you have an account you might want to get use some points today!!

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