Monday, May 10, 2010

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Organizing Tip #21

So I finally took a minute to clean out this old junky drawer!  I hope my post will encourage each of you to clean out something you have been dreading!! Up closet...this should be interesting!! hahaha!!

My drawer started off filled to the top with papers, receipts, bills, etc. (and No I didn't add to it) I am embrassed at the fact that I could hardly open and close the drawer without something getting suck or falling out!! So the first thing I did was to unload the drawer and throw out all the trash! I then paid all my bills & filed my bills and receipts in folders I purchased at Wal-Mart. Since we live in a small apartment I don't have a lot of room for storage, but I placed the folders below my desk drawer and I also decided to move my printer down there, so I would have more room on the top of the desk to work! However, I didn't like the way it looked! Even though, it was clean it just wasn't very cute so I headed to JoAnn's and purchased some on sale fabric. I made this little piece to cover up the the books and files under the desk!! Well, this lead to....recovering the chair and making the wall canvas area above my bed! I have been wanting to do this for a long time! Since I was putting my fabric under my drawer anyway I decided to just go ahead and do the other jobs in my room I had been wanting to do!!

There was a lot of my son's "art work" in the drawer! I really wanted to keep some of it. While at Michael's I found these cute scrapbooks for $3.33, so I purchased two. (one for each of my children) I placed their art work in there for safe keeping! There were also a few items in the drawer that my husband needed to go through. He seems to like to wait until things build up and then go through them all at one time! I took these boxes (that matched my scrapbooks) I purchased at Michael's last week for $1.50 each!! Now his junk (I mean paperwork) is neat looking until he gets a minute to go through it!! I uses simple ziploc bags to hold certain items together, 2 photo cases for small items (purchased at Michaels), and a photo pen case for all my pens and pencils!!

My mom also got this organizing tray for my husband so when he comes home he can put all his stuff in there instead of in the drawer. We have had it a while, but finally got it in a place to put it to good use!

Life is like cleaning out this drawer in the way that when he get rid of all the trash (drama) in our lives we can see the useful things and semimental aspects of life and begin to enjoy them!! Plus you realize one good thing really can lead to another!!

Here are the afters!!!

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