Sunday, March 28, 2010

Check this out!! Toys R Us is offering a $5 gift card this week when you purchase $20 in Hasbro Toys! YEAH!! Even better....pair this deal with Hasbro coupons and a Hasbro Rebate!!

$4.99 Games ($2.99 each after rebate)

Candy Land


Chutes & Ladders


Hi Ho Cheerio’s

$8.99 Games ($5.99 each after rebate)

Battle Ship



Connect 4

-$4 off Hasbro Connect 4 game SS 3/21


-$4 off Hasbro Twister Game SS 3/21

$9.99 Game (no rebate)


-$5 off Hasbro Monopoly Board Game, Any SS 3/21

$11.99 Games ($8.99 each after rebate)


-$5 off Hasbro Bop it game SS 3/21

Sorry! Sliders

Connect 4 Double Grid

-$4 off Hasbro Connect 4 game SS 3/21

Guess Who Electronic

Thanks for the heads up Southern Savers!!

Toys' r Us Deal of the Day for Monday

Target's Curious George 2 for ONLY $1.99!!

Curious George 2 DVD is currently on sale at Target for only $6.99! However, specially marked Curious George 2 DVDs have codes inside to get $5 in FREE groceries!! Just get the DVD and then there will be a special code on the inside that tells you where to go online and enter that information! You will have to fill in your mailing info and the grocery cash should arrive in about 2-4 weeks! Yay!! My boys will absolutely love this!!
$1.99 for a Curious George movie you can't bet that!!
Thanks for the heads up Sizzlin Savers!!

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