Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God is Great!!

I want to share you with you a little personal story about something that happened to our family this week! This past Sunday at Sunday School we talked about giving back to the Lord. Of course, we discussed how we could give back with finances, time, and talents.  My family has always felt it is important to give our tithes. (However, there have been times in our lives where we weren't as faithful about giving.I know we just need to trust God and he will take care of us! )  I remember one time when my husband first started school and it was either pay the tithes and we would be running extremely low or keep the money. We paid the tithes and later that week a check came in that we didn't even know we had coming.

This past week a similiar situation happened... I couldn't believe how God worked this, but it is totally amazing to see him at work.  It is time for us to renew our contract on our apartment. Of course, our apartment company offered us a free month if we stayed another year! They are awesome and I just love living here!! I really didn't expect to get much more of a "discount", but I asked anyways! They came back with a lower offer AND told us they would divide our free month into the 12 monthes making our rent lower! I was so excited!! I love our apartment and really want to stay here! That night, when my husband and I went to bed he said he couldn't believe that we would be saving that amount of money a month.  When he said the amount of money we would be saving I asked him if he was sure. Of course, he said he was and guess what....that is the exact amount of money we pay out of his check for our tithes!! Isn't that amazing!! Our rent is not an even number, so that just does to show you even more that it is God!! I really feel like he was just sending us another one of his blessing!!

The point of this story isn't to say, " I tithe. I am so good." (Trust me I am definitely a sinner and I think God for loving me anyway.) The point is that isn't it awesome how God blesses us and loves us!! I need to do more for the Lord and devote more of my money, time, and talents to him! I am so glad he sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for us that we can be saved if we just believe in him and accept him into our hearts!! To God be the Glory...Great things he hath done!!!


  1. AWESOME testimony! Thanks so much for sharing and reminding us of our God's Grace and love!!

  2. God is good...ALL the time! A couple months ago, I was convicted of not tithing my tutu business money...I always just cashed the $20 checks or stuck the cash in my wallet. Never crossed my mind that technically this was HIS money, and even though 10% was small, I still should give that money back. So a couple months ago, I started doing just that, and God blessed my business so much....I've been selling record numbers of tutus each month since! He never ceases to amaze me! : )


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