Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Okay! I know it is here somewhere....

I know NONE of you guys are like this, but half of the time I feel that most of the purchases I make are for things I already have....I have to have an item right then and can't seem to find mine...so what do I do...just run out to the store and buy another one of course!! 
I have decided that one of the best ways I can save money for my family is by becoming more organized....(Vicki and Penny, if you are reading, this I am sure you just passed out or are getting a good laugh!) I have realized that I didn't become unorganized over night and am doing to give myself some time to get organized...
I would love to take all my readers along on this journey with me...so I will be posting organizing tips for us all ...let me know if they are helping you or if you have a special way of organizing please share it with us in a post....


#1 - Throw AWAY all wholly, dirty and unmatched socks!! I can't tell you what grief my husband has with me and my sock issue... but I figure if the match hasn't showed up in the last year he ain't coming...so the trash can it is.....(not Mama I promise I am not bringing them to you. :) )

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