Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do You Have Any Unpaid Medical Bills?

Sometimes when trying to save money you just need to think outside the box! I received a medical bill this past week and the price was a little on the high side. I called in and asked about the bill.  I just went ahead and asked if there was anyway they could take some off the bill.  She said they would be glad to take 30% off.  Now this may not sound like a lot, but 30% saved me over a $100 DOLLARS!! My phone conversion didn't even last 5 minutes!! Wow!! $100 DOLLARS in 5 minutes!! I was tickled pink!! The only thing they wanted me to do was go ahead and pay it all off at one time!
If you have a medical bill just call and ask!! You never know.  Most doctor offices/hospital do offer promotions if people ask....even if you had to borrow the money your interest rate would probably be a lot lower than their promotion rate!! Just an idea to think about..... please comment if you can think of other ways to save money!!


  1. Great post and to save even more time (because most billing discussions take alot longer than five minutes) and money, use is a new online service to help people save money on their medical bills, where you can bid on a reduced price, pay and move on with your life. Keep up the good work on helping us save money.

  2. Thanks for such a nice post !
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