Sunday, April 18, 2010

Organizing Tip #5

Is it Monday already? MAN!! I guess that means it is time to get back to organizing...For all of you new readers I am vowed to once and for all get pretty much "everything" in my life organized!! (I know...)

Any who...

I decided to jump started my week I would "SLANG IT OUT" (that is true southern spelling!)

I suggest you get a trash bag, box, shoe box, whatever you want and go into each room in your house....If you see any trash of course throw that away, but it you see something you don't use and it is too dingy, dirty, or grimy to pass on to others....throw the "mess" away....

You will really be surprised how good you feel when you do this, for the pack rats, it will be a huge relief!! (BELIEVE ME!!) (Even just three items would be a start...once you start you won't want to quit!)

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