Thursday, April 15, 2010

Organizing Tip #3

So sorry my organizing tip comes sooo late for the day. But here is the organizing tip! (And you even get to go shopping!! YAY!!) If you have something you just can't keep together or something you hate to see out go purchase some sort of store container that you LIKE!! Here are two examples for what I did...

#1 - Photo boxes are on sale at Michaels for $1.50! (I like this ends Saturday)

This is a really great price... I think they are usually like $4!! I bought 3 black and white ones to help organize my closet, one lime green for my little ones crayons, etc., and a really cool, bright orange one for my niece.  I plan to use it for her birthday gift container! That way she can actually use the container for something!! It matches her room perfectly!!!

#2 - I purchased an ottoman that doubles as a storage container at Target!!

 This is for my little ones' room! I have been eyeing it and it finally went on clearance. Plus, if you go to the Target website and look under coupons and then under home you will find a coupon for $5 off ottomans!! I was super excited!!!

When you have something cute to put your "junk" in it makes organizing so much easier!!

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