Friday, April 30, 2010

Organizing Tip # 15 - Everyone Needs to Help!!

To keep everything organized everyone must help! Everyone in your house contributes to the mess! Right? So everyone needs to help! It is hard to talk kids into cleaning, but here is the new idea we are going to try at our house! My little ones love coins! So...
We will have four jars marked with each of our family members names. Each jar will start with 20 nickels (it could be pennies, dimes, quarters, whatever you choose..) each time a person picks up a piece of trash or an item belonging to another person that person gets to take a nickel from the individual's jar
 who left the item out.

Ex. So if Henry picked up Jacob's shoes and put them in his closet
then Henry can get a nickel out of Jacob's jar.

This is to encourage your kids to keep their things picked up and pick up other items left around the house!

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