Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dollar General Now Accepting Internet Coupons!!

This is a huge deal for those of us in small towns!! Wow!! We can really start saving lots of money at the Dollar General!!! They announced that they will now take internet coupons!! YEAH!! I am super excited!! You guys better watch out...I will be trying to buy out the DG at Alapaha and Ray City!!
For any of those of you in Alapaha they have an awesome clearance sections!! (Usually lots of great cleaning stuff!! Be sure to check it out!!)
If you want to see there new coupon policy just go here!!
Thanks for the heads up Carrie!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'm just laughing at there being a run at the DG in Alapaha! hahahahahaha!

    But I do love convenient. :) We have a gas station and a DG. We're moving back home (well, the 6 miles anyway to my home) in the fall and we'll have TWO gas stations and a DG!


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