Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Latest CVS Trip

Once in a while you are going to have those great and awesome shopping trips where you save 90%, but most of the time you aren't going to save quite that much! Remember that every little bits helps and the more you save the less you have spent!! So don't worry if you are only saving 50%! That is still 50% saved!!

So last night I went to CVS and get a few items.

* They had their Cologate toothpaste for $4 with $4 ecb! So free!!
*  Crest Mouthwash was $4 and you got back $2 ecb, but most of you should have a coupon for $2 off that!!
* Coke is on a super good sale at 3 for $10!!
* I used coupons for $1.50 off St. Ives facial products on these trial size apricot scrubs and got them free!!
* I had a coupon for the towels (from scanning my card last week), so they were only .29.

I did use my card and my mom's because I picked up some of the stuff for her! The cologate and the crest were a limit of one!

I did different transactions and spent $10.63! I saved 23.01! and save a percentage of 68%! Plus I have $4 ecb for my next purchase!! Yay!!!

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